MTA Speedy Creator Plugin for Android Studio

MTA offers a customized version of Android Studio (the worldwide integrated development environment for Google’s Android OS) to enable the customers to easily program dashboards and displays.


The tool
The Android Studio Design Editor features a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) environment. In addition, MTA provides a set of clear and customizable graphic components (Widget Library) to enable the developers to easy create and configure advanced UIs. 
Faster developer phase is guaranteed by the Android ecosystem that gives access to rich API and functionality. The Android Framework has been extended to give access to all common automotive interfaces (CAN, LIN, Digital I/O, Analog). The vehicle data can be configured through a dedicated Android Studio Data Modelling Plugin developed by MTA. 
MTA proposes 3 widget library styles, designed for agriculture, industrial or construction field.

Application logic
The developers can use dedicated API for the control unit logic. Logic functions, developed by using graphical programming languages or natively Java customizations, can be done directly by the customers or can be offered by MTA.




Customize your device with Android Studio and MTA Speedy Creator

Giotto, Giotto K and Leonardo displays can be programmed with Android Studio.