Our MTA flag is hoisted again, it returns to the top, close to the Italian one.

The death of our President, Ing. Umberto Falchetti, has left a gap that cannot be filled. However, if he lives in the memory of all those who have worked alongside him, have esteemed him, appreciated his skills as an entrepreneur but above all of great humanity and goodness, then he will always remain an example to everyone.
And we will all try to roll up our sleeves, as he liked to do when someone needed help, and we will work for MTA and for all of Italy.

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Black Hawk, a 8" display for CASE Costruction Equipment

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Supporting families in need during the coronavirus crisis

This period is marking the life of all of us. The pain of the disease that has affected many families often goes hand in hand with economic difficulties to cope with daily needs.
MTA, in thanking all the collaborators who worked in conditions that are not always easy, also accepting some sacrifices, decides to give financial support to families in difficulty, donating € 60,000 distributed among the Municipality and Caritas of Codogno, and Caritas of Rolo.

Coronavirus update

Supporting the coronavirus crisis

In memory of Eng. Umberto Falchetti, remembering his generous impulses and sure to fulfill his wish, MTA donated € 200,000 among the hospitals of Codogno, Cremona and Piacenza and the Red Cross of Rolo with the aim of giving them a little help to cope with the needs and difficulties that the coronavirus emergency has provoked and is still provoking in recent weeks.
We hope that everything will end quickly and we renew our due thanks to those who, with a spirit of sacrifice, absolute and selfless dedication, are working for the good of others even at the risk of their lives.

Coronavirus update

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