MTA acquires Teledur Magneti: The production of Magnetic Impulse Wheels is born in Codogno


Codogno, March 15 2008.


MTA Group, an Italian multinational leader in the projecting and the production of electric and electronic components for the automotive market, has recently acquired Teledur Magneti, a factory from Milan known in the world for the production of permanent magnets.

MTA, Italian multinational located in Codogno (Milan), has recently acquired a division of Teledur Magneti, company born in Milan in 1956, producing Magnetic Impulse Wheels used in the Automotive field for the safety systems equipping the cars. The advanced technical competences offered from the MTA production department and by the specialized technicians and workers of Teledur, together with the high quality level of this innovative product, already tested and approved by the most important car manufacturers, will not only allow an immediate increase in the MTA group’s sales revenues but also a possibility to explore new sectors both in terms of product and type of customers.

MTA Magnetic Impulse Wheels

MTA's current magnetic impulse wheels are devices integrated into wheel hubs and created in a particular magnetized plastic material (plastoferrite) with alternating north and south poles. Hanging over the wheel is a sensor that is able to read this magnetic alternation through the Hall effect (current generation caused by the presence of a magnetic field), transmitting to the safety systems, such as ABS and stability control, a square wave, the frequency of which depends on the angular velocity of the wheel. In the case of the ABS system, for example, the information that is perceived electronically is the presence of blocking of the wheel, and this causes the control panel to send a command to the brake calipers to interrupt and, immediately thereafter, resume the braking action on that individual wheel to prevent skidding. This operation is repeated cyclically dozens of times per second over the entire course of breaking. The magnetic impulse wheels made in plastofferite are an exclusive product by MTA; the plastofferite is an inert, non-toxic material that, if compared to the rubber used by other producers, has some special peculiarities such as a high resistance to sudden temperature changes and to different chemical substances. In particular, in the automotive sector, it demonstrates complete immunity to all liquids present in the car. Furthermore, plastoferrite is characterized by flexibility and possesses unquestionable features of ductility and application versatility. This unbreakable material can be mechanically processed through chip-forming machining, which allows high precision geometric tolerances to be achieved. The magnetic impulse wheels in plastoferrite are able to reach higher maximum magnetic field than those made in rubber allowing the sensor for a clearer signal and greater precision, as well as the ability to guarantee the magnetic signal for more than 10 years.
The production process of this particular plastoferrite product is rather elaborate, and consists in thermoplastic molding by means of presses with highly specific characteristics. The molds used are, in turn, very complex, both for their design and realization and for the types of steel adopted. The last step in the production procedure is the high precision magnetization process, which is able to imprint a magnetic field of absolute reference on the piece.
It is easy to see that the technology behind the production of magnetic impulse wheels is highly advanced, given that it must be able to guarantee the maximum precision for the purposes of road safety, as well as ensure the product’s ability to maintain its original characteristics over time. Only few companies in the world have the know how and the production department allowing the production of a safe and desirable products.
MTA, with its considerable and fully consolidated experience in the production of electrical and sophisticated electronics components for the automotive world, emerges as the best choice to bring growth to this important market of magnetic impulse wheels, to the full benefit of the daily safety of the vehicles traveling on our roads.

Founded in 1954 in Codogno, (Milan) MTA SpA is a Leading Company in the design and production of electrical components, and, more recently of electronic ones too, for the automotive industry, in Europe and Worldwide. MTA SpA delivers both to the O.E Manufacturers and to the After Market.

In addition to the Italian Headquarters, where the main production together with the Research and Development Department, real pride of the company, are located, during the last 10 years the company has founded 4 foreign branches: MTA Brasil, MTA Slovakia, MTA Poland and the last one, from a chronological point of view, MTA USA. Nowadays the turnover of the group reaches 90 Million Euro and the number of employees in MTA's four locations totals 600 employees.

Among the items that MTA projects and develops for the most important international car makers we can mention the Fuses, the Power Distribution Units, the Fuse Boxes, the Power Terminals and Connectors, the Battery Terminals, the Ring Terminals, the Radiator Caps and the Liquid Level Sensors. Recently MTA has also entered in the electronic field with a LCD Monitor, the MDC 500, which is utilized in the nautical sector.

MTA business is linked to its partnership with the most important international car makers and with the most important motorbikes, tractors and off-highway vehicles manufacturers.

The most important customers in the pertinent field are:
Cars: Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Gruppo PSA , Gruppo Renault, Lamborghini e Lancia;
Motorbikes: Betamotor, Ducati, MBK, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta e Piaggio;
Tractors and Off-highway vehicles: Case, Deutz Fahr, John Deere, Landini, Massey Fergusson, New Holland e Valtra.