MTA for the Mi.To


Codogno, July 2008


MTA SpA is a Leading Company in the design and production of electrical components, and, more recently of electronic ones too, for the automotive industry, in Europe and Worldwide. MTA has been chosen by Alfa Romeo together with other important parts manufacturers and will deliver a complete range of products to the new Mi.To, such as different types of fuses, power terminals and some other products specifically designed for this new application (hereafter you will find a short description of all of them).

SCM Power Distribution Box
Designed to protect the main services (glow plug pre-heating, electric steering, body computer, etc.) and the power distribution, the SCM System has compact dimensions. Adapting itself perfectly to the engine bay lay-out, where spaces are always getting tighter, it also guarantees cabling modularity with better cost optimization.

SCM Power Distribution Box Support
The SCM Box is contained in a specific plastic housing rack designed ad hoc for this application. The container allows better protection of the parts from water that could penetrate inside the engine bay during cleaning which could then compromise electrical performance. In addition, this support provides a better cable lay-out in a space that proves to be limited.

CFO Rear Distribution Unit + bracket
The CFO Unit mounted in the trunk was developed for the more accessorized set-ups of the Mi.To (heated seats, Bose stereo system, etc.) and is fitted with a specific fixing bracket, compatible with the lay-out of the rear cable, with finishing and fastening to the body.

C280 WP Connectors
In 2, 3 and 4 way versions with different polarizations (mechanical and visual), the C280 WP Connectors are used on multiple sensors in the engine bay and on the injectors in all of the diesel and gas engines.

Power connectors and terminals
Developed for connections on template or for dissection, for applications in the engine bay (sealed version), or in the passenger compartment (open version). Different polarizations (mechanical and visual) also ensure a more immediate and correct connection between the parts.

Battery terminals
The battery terminals used on this model are the positive screw version with three studs and the negative with quick lock closing system; the latter is being adopted more and more by car makers because it eliminates the use of a screwdriver, significantly simplifying the initial assembly process. Subsequent distribution of the vehicle benefits, as well, since that closure allows the battery to be disconnected quickly during vehicle stops.

Radiator Cap

The 1.4 radial type cap guarantees optimal functionality of the cooling system, thanks to the constant operating pressure maintained and the adoption of a silicon O-Ring which is able to ensure a perfect seal.