Tooling Department

This is an independent department, capable of performing high-tech processes and meeting any demand, including the most complex jobs.


In this department, stamping dies or molds are built from scratch thanks to its highly skilled human resources and technologically advanced equipments. Each individual die or mold undergoes stringent quality control to guarantee final product quality.

The fleet of machinery is made up of: 
3 Robofil wire EDM machines Charmilles
3 Roboform die sinkers machine Charmilles
1 High speed EDM hole driller CY – H32
3 Grinding machines
4 Milling machines
2 CNC lathes alpha 1400 XS
1 Die & mold spotting press PT80
2 Automated storage and retrival system
3 Ultrasonic washing mould machines
1 Welding machines alphalaser

Attrezzeria MTA
Attrezzeria MTA