MTA offers a complete in-vehicle system and with state-of-the-art specifications. This system manages, even simultaneously, the infotainment, the instrument cluster and a passenger display or a HUD functions, thanks to the presence of an “intelligent” central unit.

The central unit of the MTA system is developed based on a flexible and powerful architecture that makes use of the Jacinto 6 multicore microprocessor produced by Texas Instruments, which is renowned for its high computing power. It can handle up to 3 displays inside the vehicle, as well as collect and convey the information coming from the vehicle and from the LTE connection. Furthermore, the unit is ready to be quickly adapted for additional functions based on specific customer requirements. In addition, to allow the integration of information, the presence of this “electronic heart” makes the display and the central dashboard become external devices of the system, thereby allowing OEMs to easily replace them in the transition from one vehicle application to another.

In developing its HMI system, MTA not only focused on the electronic central unit content but also paid a lot of attention to the ease of use for the user, for a completely safe drive, cooperating with specialized companies for this purpose.



- Multi-display, single computer
- Drives up to 3 Full High Definition displays
- LINUX optimized for automotive
- AUTOSAR for vehicle network management
- Layered security architecture
- Latest features and updates over the air
- Fast boot time (less than 2 seconds)
- Support for smartphone integration
- Certifications: ISO/TS 16949, ISO 16750, FCC, CE, ROHS

Infotainment system

Multi-display inside the vehicle

Multi-display in-vehicle infotainment

Vehicle infotainment system

Innovative infotainment

Multi-display in-vehicle infotainment

Infotainment central unit

Infotainment central unit