Automotive Fuses

MTA has been developing and producing automotive fuses since 1954 and is a member of ISO committee with several OEMs homologations.

Each year MTA invests in Research & Development to grant state-of-the-art products to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. Speaking about MTA core business – the fuses – a dedicated Research & Innovation Team concentrates on entering new products lines in the market, presenting new solutions and new technologies to secure a leading competitive position. In fact, besides the most known Mini, Standard and Maxi blade fuses, and the Midi and Mega bolt-down fuses, MTA has developed two special ranges called “Compact” and “Power”.

Mini fuse

MiniVal – Blade fuse

Uni fuse

UniVal – Blade fuse

Automotive blade fuse

MaxiCompact – Blade fuse

Automotive blade fuse

M8Compact – Blade fuse

Maxi fuse

MaxiVal – Blade fuse

Midi fuse

MidiVal – Bolt-down fuse

Bolt-down fuse for automotive

MegaCompact – Bolt-down fuse

Mega fuse

MegaVal – Bolt-down fuse

Bolt-down fuse for automotive

PowerVal – Bolt-down fuse


Technical Data Sheets

Blade fuses 12/24 V


Bolt-down fuses 12/24 V