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"Produce, in a complete cycle from design throughfull-scale production, electronic and electromechanical components for the automotive industry, offering customers, looking for a reliable and flexible partner, our competence and cooperation".


MTA's primary business stems from the world's largest vehicles’ manufacturers, a business with an always upward trend thanks to our approach that brings us into close contact with our customers, putting our know-how at their disposal in order to satisfy their needs. Whether it is a question of developing new ideas or meeting an unexpected production requirement, our customers know that they can count on MTA.


The company


A leading company in the design and production of electronic and electro-mechanic components for the automotive, the off-highway and race industry. Founded in 1954 in Italy, MTA has now 2 production units in Italy, (Codogno and Rolo) and 8 foreign branches  and uninterrupted  upward trends.


V.le dell'Industria, 12 - 26845 Codogno (LO) - ITALY
T. +39 0377 4181 / F.+39 0377 418493 / Email. infoitaly@mta.it
P.IVA 00828540153

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