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With its 2 plants in Italy and 8 totally-owned subsidiaries in Brazil, Poland, Slovakia, India, USA, China, Mexico and Morocco, MTA has successfully established a global presence in the key countries where its customers operate over the last few years, while maintaining the very same quality standards that characterize its Headquarters. 
This way, the Group has the necessary geographic proximity to customers to maintain a close interaction with them, as well as the unique opportunity to choose the most convenient production site for each product according to product type and applications.

USA Italy Polska Brasil Slovakia India China Messico

V.le dell'Industria, 12 - 26845 Codogno (LO) - ITALY
T. +39 0377 4181 / F.+39 0377 418493 / Email. infoitaly@mta.it
P.IVA 00828540153

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