MTA Brasil

MTA Brasil, situated in the industrial area of Arujá near São Paulo, is a strategic location supplying the important Mercosurmarket. Constantly expanded to respond to producers who have establishedproduction facilities in the area, over the years MTA Brasil has aligned withthe standards that distinguish the other sites of the company. Now it iscertified IATF 16949, after having obtained the ISO 14001 environmentalcertification. In addition, to support the production increase of electromechanicaldistribution units, the site's molding department will be equipped withseven presses, with a tonnage ranging between 80t and 300t.

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How to reach us

Av. Takara Belmont, 370
07411-710  Arujà - São Paulo



Tel. +55 11 3405 4950
Fax +55 11 3405 4889