Merkur Award 2018

MTA News – December 2018


MTA Slovakia has obtained the Merkur 2018 award for the great financial performance recorded in 2017. Each year the Financial Administration awards one company for each region of Slovakia (MTA won in the Trenčín region) taking into account many key factors, such as the amount paid as income tax, the regularity of fiscal management and the punctuality of payments.

Lenka Wittenbergerová, president of Slovakian Financial Administration, explains during the award ceremony:

"The Financial Administration values its clients and therefore awards companies, which are doing business in Slovakia and have paid the most income taxes, apart from dependent activity, among other companies for the past year. Companies have had to meet strict criteria:
- No debt on taxes
- No tax audit findings above €10,000
- No violation of the Electronic Cash Register Act

We appreciate the fact that last year's winners did not sleep on laurels, and three of them have even defended their leadership in their region this year while they have achieved a higher tax liability compared to the previous year.


In 2018, we processed over one million tax returns on income tax, of which 240 thousand were tax returns of legal entities. You have had a strong competition, although in your case, of course, we mainly appreciate the honest fulfillment of tax obligations. And that's one of the ideas of the Merkur Award - to honor the best and most responsible ones to strengthen the pride of companies in their tax discipline and to motivate other companies as well."